intro: #4 - reorientations

We'll meet Monday at 9.00 for an intro talk on reorientations and reflections on the text: Part four - Reorientations in for space by Doreen Massey.

If you really were to take a slice through time it would be full of holes, of disconnections, of tentative half-formed first encounters. 'Everything is connected to everything else' can be a salutary political reminder that whatever we do has wider implications than perhaps we commonly recognise. But it is unhelpful if it leads to a vision of an already constituted holism. The 'always' is rather that there are always connections yet to be made, juxtapositions yet to flower into interaction, or not, potential links which may never be established. Loose ends and ongoing stories. 'Space', then, can never be that completed simultaneity in which all interconnections have been established, in which everywhere is already (and at that moment unchangingly) linked to everywhere else.

#3 Vulnerability Ronald


there are (still) no maps for these territories

The talk on industrialised and urbanised tundra landscapes in Kola takes place Friday February 7 at 9.00 - see you!


assignment: #3 - vulnerability

Add a layer to your investigations dedicated to vulnerability - of what you find specially important and at the same time vulnerable; to change, extinction, destruction, alienation, loss.... or ...

The notion of vulnerability is inevitably related to the concept of life - either it is human life or life in nature as such. The consciousness of mortality is disturbing and exposes life as fragile. Life does not exist in closed systems, but do always relate to other life forms or systems of varying extent and size - in these relations dependency occur, and not least a continuous struggle for a position. It is a slow drama that has been going on since the creation of earth, and encompasses all natural systems of all scales from the smallest biotope to global circuits.